Hi, I am Nadine Oldorf!

I am a Product Coach from Hamburg. My passion is solving problems, developing digital products with teams and creating an inclusive, open and honest working atmosphere.

Since 2022, I have been building Unearthed Product step by step on a part-time basis.

My goal is to encourage product managers to find their own solutions for their everyday challenges and at the same time to provide targeted impulses through my experience.

In 1:1 coaching you benefit directly from my 7 years of experience as a consultant.

picture of Nadine Oldorf, the founder of Unearthed Product
Nadine Oldorf, Founder of Unearthed Product

How I work

My goal is to find a healthy balance between mentoring, coaching and supervision that is working the best fit for you individually.

Showing examples of the balance between mentoring, coaching and supervision.
Finding the perfect fit for you out of mentoring, coaching and supervision.

Too often, we lean on only one of these skills. In 1:1 conversations we normally tend to mentoring. For people working as Coaches it his – surprise – coaching. Yes, when we want to help people grow, it’s important that they learn to connect their own dots.
However, in my experience depending on their maturity and knowledge we should also provide clear guidance in the mentoring part and share honest feedback when super-visioning.

In addition, I’m well aware about areas I’m not an expert on. Therefore, in case we come across these topics I love to sponsor and recommend other colleagues. This way we achieve a win-win-win situation for everyone.


Get Unstuck!

Coaching focuses on asking open questions. They should help you thinking and ultimately came up with your solution that works in your individual situation.

Coaching is great when you are well aware about best practices and possible next steps but you still feel stuck.



Mentoring is about sharing knowledge


Get Feedback!



As soon as we realize that we are not a good match, i am happy to recommend other colleagues who could either take over parts of the coaching or all of it.

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