New Year Resolutions Mean Adjusting Your Focus

Summary: This is the second part of my end of year reflection series. I’m sharing how I use my favorite exercise to create an outlook for the upcoming year before jumping into setting resolutions, goals, etc. All you need is a pen and paper or download a template here.

After reflecting on the last year with the ‘Year In Year Out’ exercise it’s time to start looking into the next year. 2022 is finally right around the corner. But before jumping into setting resolutions or SMART goals I want to share a simple method that helps you to get into the mood for the new year. It’s the second part of the ‘Year In Year Out’ exercise.

How does the exercise help me with my resolutions?

The exercise is NOT about setting resolutions, goals, etc. It is rather a preliminary exercise to create an outlook, a feeling for the next year. Your energy flows where your focus goes. This exercise adjusts your focus in the right direction. Of course, based on this, resolutions and goals can be set in the next step.

How does it work?

It’s as easy as the first part. All you need again is a pen and paper and some time. First, you need to draw again three circles or download the template here. This time, you start with the inner circle and move forward circle after circle answering the questions one after the other. The idea is again to write the answer within the circles.

Explanation of the ‘year in year out’ new year resolutions exercise

What are the questions?

Starting with the inner circle the first question is:

What should be your motto for the new year?

Based on your motto the next question handles again your emotions.

How do you want to feel?

For example, fit? Healthy? Happy? Energized? This doesn’t mean you want to feel this way the whole time. It’s most likely not possible. But thinking about most of the time, how do you want to feel?

The last question is:

What do you want to happen in your life?

Don’t forget it’s not (yet) about setting goals. Don’t overthink your answers. Just write down things you’d like to tackle next year or that need to happen for you to feel the way you just described in the second circle.

And now?

After you have completed this exercise, let your thoughts sink in again. Of course, you can continue with setting goals which will be covered in part 3 of my end of year ritual.

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