About me

Hi, I’m Nadine, your personal product coach.

I help you as a Product Manager to expand your influence and to live Product Management empowered and confidently for successful products and happy customers.

Do you know this feeling?

You visited a conference, read a book, or participated in a workshop or training. You feel inspired because you now know all the best practices, newest tools, and frameworks to solve everything that’s going wrong at work and with your product.

You learnt about how to lighten up a road-map or to get contact to your users. You heard about ways to clarify priorities or to make faster and better decisions.

But the next day at work you notice your personal pain points again. You remember the conference, the book, the workshop, the training but… you don’t know how to start! You have the feeling your influence is not sufficient. You don’t get doing. Everything stays the same… again.

Closing the knowing doing gap!

There is a difference between theoretical knowledge of how something should be and the actual implementation. I will help you in my personal coaching to close this gap and to find step by step a way to expand your influence and to work empowered and confidently as a Product Manager.

You wonder what makes me an expert? Here I tell you my career!

What inspires me

Already in my youth there was nothing more beautiful for me than to deal with complex topics and at that age there was nothing more complex for me than Physics. My teacher at that time made me so enthusiastic about Physics that I thought there was no other way than to study physics and also to do my PhD.
During my studies and my PhD I learned to deal with uncertainties. The big question “Why do we exist?” cannot be answered easily.

Complex problems can have complex solutions.

It became one of my mottos not to be able to answer all questions perfectly right away. Complex questions may take time. The answers may evolve.

From Physics to Product

On 15.04.15 I changed sides. From science to business. From Physics to Product. What motivated me to make the change? I love to understand pain paints, needs, desires of potential users and then develop solutions that support business goals at the same time. Discussing opportunities from a user perspective and then finding the sweet spot for a solution is the most satisfying work I have done so far.

Within the last 7 years in my position I have worked for many clients with different challenges and from different domains: for example Retail, Manufacturing, Insurance.

I have co-developed internal as well as external software, gained experience in B2B and supported my product managers throughout the entire Product Lifecycle. I defined goals with them, established Discoverys and supported the Delivery.


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Nadine Oldorf
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