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Hello, my name is Nadine Oldorf!

I’m a Lead Business Analyst Consultant working at the moment for ThoughtWorks in Hamburg/Germany and I’m passionate about solving problems, creating products with our clients and establishing an inclusive, open and honest work atmosphere.

But let’s start at the beginning. I studied physics – my favourite subject since 7th grade. After my PhD I wanted to take on a new adventure and I became a Graduate Quality Analyst (QA) at ThoughtWorks. Joining a very different world of modern software development was quite a challenge. Despite having to learn so much about this field (and how to be a QA), I grew rapidly. Thanks to joining a great team, I got to know amazing people who mentored, supported, and encouraged me.

One of my core strengths according to the Gallup Strengths Finder is being a Learner. This means that I love learning new skills and jumping into the unknown. So starting in a position I had only a vague idea about was my dream job. However, after some time I realised that what I enjoyed the most was having difficult conversations with our stakeholders and talking to our users about their needs regarding the product we wanted to build. Thus, I changed my role to Business Analyst (BA).

At the moment I consider myself a Generalist – BA, PO, PM,… whatever abbreviation you want to use as long as it relates to people and solving their problems with meaningful products.

Outside of work I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts and every single minute with my child. In addition, I’m always looking for new challenges like starting this blog and getting out of my comfort zone.