Goal Setting & Pursuing

SMART Goals Are Not Suitable For Remarkable Changes

Summary: SMART goals became a standard in many areas. They are a great method to avoid ambiguity and irrelevance but come to their limit in case of change – private or corporate. Clear communication of the underlying feeling is missing. I share 3 strategies to get to the bottom of your emotional intention for your … Read more

Pursuing Your Goals with Mental Contrasting

Summary: Mental contrasting is a visualization technique in which you not only consider a positive outcome of your goal but also obstacles that may cross your path. It helps you to balance the positive and challenging aspects of pursuing your goal. What is more difficult for you: setting a goal or pursuing it? For me, … Read more

5 Challenging Questions for Dealing with Resistance

Summary: In this post, I will share 5 questions that help you better deal with internal and external resistance and decide on your next step. They work for your personal goals if you want to change something or start something new. The questions are: What’s so important to me about the goal? What am I … Read more


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