Welcome to Unearthed Product!

Do you know this feeling?

You visited a conference, read a book, or participated in a workshop or training. You feel inspired because you now know all the best practices, newest tools, and frameworks to solve everything that’s going wrong at work.
The next day at work you notice your pain points, needs, and desires. You remember the conference, the book, the workshop, the training but… you don’t know how to start!

Hi, I am Nadine Oldorf!

I am a Product Coach from Hamburg and my mission is to help you to find your personal way to close the gap between knowing and doing.

picture of Nadine Oldorf, the founder of Unearthed Product
Nadine Oldorf, Founder of Unearthed Product

How I work

The truth is reality doesn’t like best practices. There is no one correct path. Best practices work best when they provide an easy structure and leave enough room for your own ideas and answers to your challenges.

My goal is to find a healthy balance between mentoring, coaching and supervision so that we can find the perfect solution for your individual problem together.

Showing examples of the balance between mentoring, coaching and supervision.
Finding the perfect fit for you out of mentoring, coaching and supervision.

Unfortunately, too often we lean on only one of those skills. In 1:1 conversations we normally tend to mentor. For people working as Coaches it his – surprise – coaching. Yes, when we want to help people grow, it’s important that they learn to connect their own dots.
However, in my experience depending on their maturity and knowledge we should also provide clear guidance as mentors and share honest feedback when super-visioning.

In addition, I’m well aware about areas I’m not an expert on. Therefore, in case we come across those topics I love to sponsor and recommend other colleagues. This way we achieve a win-win-win situation for everyone.


Get Unstuck!

Coaching focuses on asking open questions. They should help you thinking and ultimately come up with your own solution that works in your individual situation.

Coaching is great when you are well aware about best practices and possible next steps but you still feel stuck.



Mentoring is about lending advice and helping to solve problems based on my experience.

Mentoring is ideal when you are new to role and need firsthand experience to thrive.


Get Feedback!

Supervision or delivering feedback is about observing behaviour that is or isn’t aligned to what you or the team needs to be doing and sharing those observations along with praise or suggestions.



As soon as we realise that we are not a good match or you need help with a topic I’m not comfortable with, I am happy to recommend other colleagues who could either take over parts of the coaching or all of it.


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