Welcome to my now page!

Latest Update: 09.09.22

What I’m currently doing…

  • Working on this website to make my work and offerings more visible – it’s driving me crazy.
  • Looking for a coach to get more into writing articles / blog posts

What I’m currently NOT doing…

  • Traveling for work as the advantages of face-to-face meetings / workshops do not compensate the current effort on my side

What I’m currently reading…

I’m always reading multiple books at once so that I can choose which one to continue depending on my mood.

  • Marshall B. Rosenberg – Non-Violent Communication
  • Maisie Hill – Period Power

What is this now page thing?

I saw the first now page on Petra’s webpage, but originally Derek Shiver started the now page movement. I like the idea of sharing my current priorities and what I’m working on publicly. If you also have a website without a now page you should create one too!


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